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My new solo cd entitled “I Was Just Comforting Her” is out and you can get it! Hear the album that the Austin Chronicle states “builds upon Phillips’ left-field pedigree to find more universal chords.” Indeed. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Just hit the “buy” button on the right and get a physical copy or one of those downloaded ones.

In commemoration of this exciting release I faced down my demons and digitized years and years worth of VHS in order to present someĀ videos for your YouTube enjoyment. If you enjoy pixilation and go-go dancers, earnestness and wigs, then peruse the many videos available for you when you hit the “video” button on your right. Last but not least, you’ll want to hit the “gigs” button as well and see where I’m going to be taking my solo show in the upcoming month. Los Angeles! Seattle! San Francisco and many points in between! Come to a show and let’s have a chat. I look forward to that. Next time I promise I’ll write about the little Two Nice Girls reunion that me and Laurie and Korn just had here in Austin.



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