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Man, MondoHomo!!!!!  Ever heard of it?  It’s a fantastic queer festival in Atlanta that happens every Memorial weekend and I was lucky enough to be asked to play it and I’m so very glad I went.  I saw fantastic performances and movies and hung out with really great people.  Atlanta is happening!  The dykes and the fags really like each other and they hang out together and this thing was super fun.  And the record store there called Wax and Facts, it’s to die for.  PLUS, I noticed in the paper that Joan Jett was going to be opening for Heart while I was there, and I talked a sister into going with me and as we were walking thru the parking lot to buy our tickets this radio guy fromThe River wanted to interview us.  I said, “No time for that, we’ve got to get our tickets!”  And he said, “Oh, I’ll give you these two!”  And then he did and then we went in for free and sat in the rain and ate hummus wraps and listened to Joan Jett sing her S/M songs and her new songs and her Runaways songs (School Days and You Drive Me Wild) and then saw Heart sing Immigrant Song, Going To California, Love Alive, Mistral Wind, Love, Rein O’er Meand many many more.  I made all these new and awesome friends in Atlanta, it was a perfect fucking weekend, ok?


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