Merchandise Deal

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Guess what?  I’ve cooked up a merchandise deal!  I have never done this before, but I really like it.  You know how I have been making merchandise of various forms for a super long time?  Like for decades?  And that a whole lot of it is out-of-print and inaccessible?  Well, I decided to reissue one of my favorite T-shirt designs ever: the Two Nice Girls Heavy Meddle shirt that was all but unwearable back in the early ’90s due to the bullet-proof sheet of plastic silkscreen that made up the design.  It was uncomfortable and it made your chest sweat.


But chests will sweat no longer!  Now this shirt is super soft and the image is pliable.  And let’s talk about the image for a minute, shall we?  I asked Meg Hentges to please design a female skull on a sheet of flames and she did.  We know that the skull is female because of her eyelashes, lipstick and beauty mark.  Pure genius, Meg.  Plus there’s nothing like that crazy font that says, “I’m all doom and gloom and going to get Medieval on your ass.”  No, Two Nice Girls was not just a pretty folk band, ok?  People, I’m super psyched that this shirt is available again in a new and improved form.

You can buy one for $10, (which is $5 cheaper than it was in 1991.)  Or, you can buy two $10 CDs and get this shirt for free.  Yes, you heard me right.  And I have a bunch of sizes, including XXXL, so no one should be left out of this amazing offer.  Hmmmm, so which ones are the $10 CDs you may ask?  Gretchen Phillips Ministries Seitan Is Real, Phillips&Driver Togetherness, and my most recent solo release I Was Just Comforting Her. Excellent choices, all.

Here’s a merch deal that would make a mighty fine gift idea.  Just saying.

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