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My dad, Paul Phillips

Thank you so much, Chepo Pena, my beloved webmaster!  And all-round good guy and rockstar/artist.  I needed an update on this puppy and once again he delivered the goods.  Let’s see how this plays itself out now.

Hello people, welcome to my world.  A hell of a lot has been happening in my life.  Changes big and small, glad and sad.  My father, Paul Phillips, died in November.  Dad taught me how to play stringed instruments.  He was always totally encouraging of my musical pursuits and he was very proud of me, even when he didn’t really understand the relentless lesbianism of my work.  Phillips&Driver’s Togetherness was his favorite album of mine.  He told me that there was nothing that he would change on it, high praise indeed coming from him.

My sister and I helped him go thru his chemo in 2010 and then we helped him go into hospice and then we helped him die.  It was amazing.  I’ve never really been afraid of dying before, but now I’m really not afraid.  I feel very lucky that I was there to witness it.  And it was also very exhausting.  And then in January I cleaned out his whole house which was super-filled with interesting stuff.  And that was also exhausting.

Phillips&Driver's New One!

In the midst of all of this David Driver and I have been putting the finishing touches on our new album, Disco Dance Party 2000. We are going to release it on colored vinyl!  And on download cards made out of recycled paper and sunflower seeds that you can plant in the ground once you’ve downloaded this awesome new baby!  And I am working on reissuing the next batch of out-of-print gems, like the first Girls in the Nose cassette.  But this time it won’t be on cassette.  It will be on one of the new forms of media.

I just returned to Austin from a month in NYC.  That was a lot of fun.  I had the immense pleasure of playing with Kay Turner again, ably assisted by the amazing Viva DeConcini in Brooklyn, NY.  That was a blast.  And damnit, people need to be able to hear that music again, or even for the first time.  I saw some people’s minds blown as we launched into Meat, Bite Me, and Starpower.  Kay Turner never gives less than 1,000,000%.

While in NY I went to an Alexander McQueen show (amazing), Louise Bourgeois, Normal Heart, Thurston Moore, Our Hit Parade, Justin Vivian Bond, Erin McKeown, Printed Matter, Uniqlo, Burlington Coat Factory, DJ Rekha on the pier in Brooklyn, Jennifer Miller’s newest crazy-thing, Holly Hughes and more stuff than I’ll be able to remember.  What a great town.  But noisy.  Oh so noisy.  It made living by the freeway in Austin seem quiet in comparison to all of the drunken revelers who haunt every single street in NY.

Now I’m back in Austin and it’s good to be here, even tho it’s one million degrees.