Phillips&Driver’s New DISCO Album

Posted on: December 2nd, 2011 by gretchen No Comments

People, It Has Happened!!!!  The new one from Phillips&Driver is now officially released.  Just in time for the holiday season.  The season where you buy stuff.  New stuff.  Well, this is new.  You might just want to buy it.  Because it’s chock-full of songs that you don’t know.  And I think you’re going to like them.  This is disco disco disco and then a couple of introspective love songs where we bring it down a little and then right back up into the relentless thump thump thump of the four on the floor!  Who doesn’t love to hear such stuff?  Huh?  It’s in our blood.  It’s the music of our people.  And Dave and I wrote some new songs to add to the canon.

And here is the best news, we put this baby out on vinyl.  Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about, purple vinyl.  It’s kindof lavender, but also really more like purple.  But you get the picture.  Now actually hold the precious object in your hands!  Every LP comes with a download card, so you don’t have to digitalize each track, we’ve done that for you.  You can just put this baby onto your turntable and get your gay (or gay friendly) party started.  I love this record.  Big shout-out to Aimee Norwich who brilliantly produced it.  She put the flesh and the muscle and the hair onto the bare bones.  And another huge shout-out to Scott Anthony at the Viewing Room who mastered it.  This is my third project with Scott and I really love working with him.

So, how do you go about getting this release, you may ask?  It’s available on iTunes, Amazon, via my eStore at TheConnextion, all of the usual suspects for downloading music.  And if you want to buy the gorgeous vinyl you can hold in your hand and treasure for a lifetime, that is available thru my eStore at TheConnextion.  And people, this thing is not an expensive purchase.  It’s ridiculously affordable.  Why?  Because I’m nostalgic.  When I was young I tended to spend about $6 on new vinyl and sometimes I went way out on a limb and bought it for $10.  I have never gotten over those prices.  That’s how much this stuff costs in my mind.  So, due to the fact that I’m living in the past, you don’t actually have to pay current prices today.  $10 for the LP.  On purple vinyl.  Gorgeous art by Dave.  Here’s the inspiration:

So, what are you waiting for?  You don’t even have to move from this very device that you’re using to read this blog.  Technology today is incredible.  You used to have to drive to the record store.  Now you can just sit on your ass and download this puppy, or order the LP and start dancing and singing along.  We want you to enjoy our original disco anthems.  We’re very pleased with what we have to offer you this holiday season.


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