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Woodworking, etc

Posted on: August 29th, 2013 by gretchen No Comments

I want to take this opportunity to show you some of the woodworking projects I’ve done.


Ancient school desk with a new pecan top.

Top of spalted pecan.


Pecan runners


I also made some shelves for our kitchen using the same spalted pecan milled from the tree across the street, coupled with cubes made of douglas fir plywood.


Pecan slabs and Douglas Fir cubes


Somewhat sloppy butterfly key joint that keeps it from splitting


Yet another view


I also made our dining room table out of oak flooring from Habitat for Humanity and an assortment  of locally milled wood that Thor had on hand.  This was my first big woodworking project 9 years ago and I have spent many happy hours at this table.


Dining room table



I’ve taken classes at Austin Community College and here’s a beside table I’ve made two times.  It’s walnut and pecan.  The drawer pull is supposed to be in the shape of a shelf mushroom.  I tried to just use one of those dried mushrooms with some sort of finish on it, but ultimately I decided to just carve one out of walnut.  It’s a bit abstract, but you get the point.


Table designed by Michael Colca and built by me.


Closeup on the mushroom shaped drawer pull.


Artistic usage of the sapwood.


I have also taken welding classes at ACC and have made a couple of tables.  This one is out of Ipe scraps my teacher had left over from building a deck.


Ipe and steel.


Now being used in a therapist's office!


And I made yet another one of my No Scrap Left Behind lamps.  This one is currently for sale at the delightful Austin store Take Heart.


No Scrap Left Behind


I have also bought a number of school chair desk things that I’ve made new tops for.  But I haven’t completed those projects yet, so I don’t have any pictures to show you.  However, I am putting woodworking on somewhat of a hold this next school year (2013/14),  in order to concentrate on finally reissuing my back catalogue of music and organizing my vast personal archive of ephemera in order to donate these zines, cassettes, flyers, posters, books, LPs, programs, etc, etc, etc to the proper institution, whatever that may be.  I am ready to deal with the past.  I am now old enough.  I’ve been working away since I got home from summer vacation and so far so good.

That said, I am allowing myself to work on wood projects on the weekends.  But I really have to budget myself or I will spend all my free time shaping and sawing and sanding.  It’s just such a monumental pleasure.