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Butch Feelings Calendar 2014

Posted on: January 13th, 2014 by gretchen No Comments

Some friends and I who spend way too much money at the photo lab decided to come up with a project to sell.  We wanted to hone our skills on something involving the community that we could all enjoy and share.  So we came up with a calendar.  At first the idea was suggested that it be a “Butch” calendar.  But then, as I’d suspected, plenty of people declined our offer to use them as models because they don’t identify as butch.  It’s complicated….for example, please see my song off the Phillips&Driver Disco Dance Party 2000 album entitled The Reluctant Butch.  Then I got to thinking, what if we expanded the concept and called it “butch feelings”?  My girlfriend, Ann Cvetkovich, wrote an article back in the day on “butch feelings” and I figured that was something that people might be able to relate to more easily.  Me, for example.  So Deb Norris, Beth Schindler and I pulled out our film cameras and got to work capturing 12 butch feelings for the 12 months of the year.  Thank you to our magnificent models!!  Thank you to my magnificent partners in creativity!!!  Thank you to the crazy folks at Vistaprint and UPS for all that you’ve provided us!!



So the calendars are $10 each if you can find where we’re selling them here in town.  For example, at the North Door on Tuesday at 7pm for the Free And Queer Cinema screening of Bound that Gretchen’s Disco Plague (It’s Infectious!) is playing at.  Or you can mail order one via this website.  They’re a very reasonable $15.00 for mail order.  That’s a little more than a dollar a month!   Simply contact me via my Contact button in the upper right and I will lead you thru the steps.  Then the United States Postal Service will deliver one to you and you can start enjoying your calendar.