Gretchen Phillips – Welcome To My World


  1. Treacly Brit Pop
  2. A Downer
  3. How Lesbians Got That Way
  4. The Penetration Solution
  5. The Abortion/Black Sperm
  6. My Sister
  7. Rock On! Circularly!
  8. Who Would You Rather Have Sex With?



  1. Burning Inside
  2. Lesson
  3. Pease Park
  4. Swimming

Everything written, performed, and recorded byGretchen Phillips. Except that which is not.Burning Inside written by Gretchen Phillips and Sonic Youth.  Peola written by Gretchen Phillips and Ann Cvetkovich. On songs 11-14 Mr. Andy Loomis sings and plays Casio, bass, and drum machine. Recorded on an analog Tascam Porta One 4-track in 1992 – 1993. Mixed by Gretchen and Ben Blank on something bigger at Ben Blank Studio. Mastered at Terra Nova.

Bitter and disillusioned after the demise of my super-fun democratic dyke band, Two Nice Girls, I began an autonomous and dictatorial streak with Welcome To My World. As outrageous as Two Nice Girls could be, we were still rather tame compared to Meat Joy or Girls in the Nose. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just different. Not everyone wants songs about the saving power of penetration and acid’s ability to turn girls queer. But for those who do, this CD release of a cassette is a tasty slice of goodness.

Unencumbered by anyone else’s opinions or tempering advice, and conceived and recorded on my bed, this is lesbian unconscious run wild. So here it is. A document of a subculture. Many subcultures, really. A record of decadence and excess. A commentary both critical of and exhilarated by exploitation movies, porn in the guise of cautionary tales, and the sweet inspiration of other people who fuck up even more than you do, thereby making you look better in the process. Where do we discover our own desires amidst this backdrop of zealous encouragement to try everything and puritan moralizing that threatens us with madness and death if we do? What’s too much and what’s just right? Who knows. It’s all just a big fat quest; a journey we spend our lifetime on.