Two Nice Girls – 2 Nice Girls
Recorded live and layered in Austin, TX 2001-2002


  1. The Sweet Postcard – words: Barbara Hofrenning, music: Gretchen Phillip
  2. Follow Me – Jane Siberry
  3. Goons – Gretchen Phillips
  4. Money – Laurie Freelove
  5. I Spent My Last $10 (On Birth Control & Beer) – Gretchen Phillips
  6. Sweet Jane (With Affection) – (Lou Reed & Joan Armatrading), arr. 2 Nice Girls
  7. My Heart Crawls Off – Gretchen Phillips &Sara Hickman
  8. Looking Out – Laurie Freelove
  9. Heaven On Earth – Laurie Freelove

Produced by Lisa Byrd with Two Nice Girls (Gretchen, Kathy Korniloff & Laurie Freelove)
for Rough Trade Records
A 100% Austin, Texas Production
Recorded at Perdenales Recording Studio
Additional Musicians:
Darryl Dunn, The East Side Flash, Ronald Green, John hage, Ruth Huber, Don Parker, Tom Pittman, Paul Sweeney & Mike Tamas
Released 1989.


What an album. I was beyond thrilled to be signed to Rough Trade, the only label I wanted to be on. I loved recording basic tracks at Willie Nelson’s fancy studio out at Pedernales. I did not love it when the IRS closed the facility down for back taxes and locked our masters within. I did love doing the final mixing on the Neve console at Austin City Limits during christmas break. I did not love it when the Cowboy Junkies had a hit with their acoustic and mellow cover of Sweet Jane two monthes prior to our record being released. I did love all the doors that this album opened for us regarding international exposure, touring and good press. I did not love that it spelled the end of Laurie Freelove’s tenure in the band. I do love that people are still interested in owning it and that we’re finally getting our asses in gear to re-release it on CD so that people needn’t pay top dollar on eBay for it any longer.