“Meat Joy’s stinging, springy assault on sexual warfare has to be heard to be believed; here it’s the attitude which sound ‘hard’… some of this is acoustic, all of it’s fascinatingly weird.”
New Music Express, Oct. ’84

“A rather anarchic and wildly unclassifiable ensemble, Meat Joy have the potential to become another great Austin mutant hardcore band a la the Butthole Surfers and the Big Boys … this may be the first overtly bisexual record … they apear to have a ton of ideas, many fresh and decidedly different.”
Dave, $ Magazine, Oct ’84

“As unpolished as they are inspired, Meat Joy’s homemade eclecticism finds focus through two stunningly talented female vocalists who deal mainly in politics of the sexual/religious/racial variety … Meat Joy are never less than fascinating, which is more than I can say for most records I’ve heard lately.”
Glen S., Matter, Aug ’84

“Meat Joy’s first album is a terrific piece of work … they reach certain truths and follies that transcend sexual boundaries … Do buy their record; it’s worth it.”
Ron Marks, The Daily Texan, Aug ’84

“…those whiny nits could learn a thing or two from Austin’s Meat Joy, an art band, if ever there was one, who manages to sing from the viewpoint of the oppressed outsider without becoming self-righteous or self-pitying.”
Brent Grulke, The Austin Chronicle, July ’84