Gretchen Phillips Says Yes

Do you ever wish for more?
Live at KUT studios, my version of the Set Your Poems To Music, Waskey Elwood Walls, Jr. classic, Jimmy Carter Says “Yes.”

Pease Park EZ

An instrumental version of the filthy ode to tricking in the park.

Lesson – Welcome To My World

First Two Nice Girls performed this song, then I made it rock harder with The Gretchen Phillips Xperience and then finally brought it back to a certain mellowness with Phillips&Driver.

In Case of Rapture (Demo)

Here’s the demo version of an ambitious number that will appear on my forthcoming release, “I Was Just Comforting Her.”

Om Shanti- Songs To Save Your Soul

Sometimes you just feel so sad and need to try to pray your way to some solace.

Sometimes a girl just has to get bossy. And that’s what I did in a little ol’ band called The Gretchen Phillips Xperience. In Two Nice Girls I would often tease that I just couldn’t handle the democracy anymore and I was going to form my own dictatorial band, The Gretchen Phillips Xperience. And so I did.

My first bandmate was the brilliant Andy Loomis, who joined me on casio, bass, drum machine and vocals. We were doing the stripped down electric guitar, casio duo thing way back in 1993. At the SXSW show with Marilyn Manson in attendance, (he came up to me afterwards to compliment me on my songwriting, no lie) we had more go-go dancers than band members. Eventually a man named John Paul Keenon said he wanted to play drums with us, so we let him in the band. Eventually John Paul left and Thor Harris said he wanted to play drums, so we let him in the band. And somewhere in there the mighty Jo Walston joined on second guitars and even more vocals. I didn’t know what I had with this sweet band. I really didn’t. It was a rather bleak time for me, I just couldn’t seem to get my psyche right.

So I let this band go and I moved to San Francisco. They’ve all gone on to greater glory, but for a few years there we really had something magical going.