It’s easy to pigeonhole this Austin, TX quartet as the best all-women rock band ever. Truth is, they are one of the best rock bands regardless of sex.”
Larry Kelp, Oakland Tribune, June ’89

“One of the most sexually relevant albums ever.”
Darby Smotherman, Dallas Observer, May ’89

“Ex-Meat Joy Gretchen Phillips’s salty attitude permeates the discreetly physical lesbian love song ‘Goons’ and the regretfully rowdy lesbian love anthem ‘I Spent My Last $10 (On Birth Control and Beer).”
Robert Christgau, Village Voice (NYC), May ’89

“Amazing harmonies and vocal arrangements, the ability to swell and ebb at the drop of an eighth note, and very unconventional ideas about melody and song-structure are what the Girls do best … A stunner.”
Ed Ward, The Austin Chronicle, June ’89

“As far as lyrics are concerned, this album proves to be the most entertaining one I’ve heard in a long time … This album is a must.”
Alternative Press, July ’89

“What makes Two Nice Girls so interesting is the way they take sexual orientation for granted … they transcend every category into which one is tempted to pigeon-hole them. They’re just four strong women, playing some of the most interesting music currently out there.”
Michael S. Kimmel, The Guardian (NY), Sept ’89

“Their sense of humor, kitschy arrangements and irresistible harmonies endear them and their debut LP to audience of all persuasions. You should hear how liberating ‘Last $10′ sounds when 300 predominantly straight people sing along.’
Michael Corcoran, Spin, Aug. ’89